RoadAid is an app designed to help highway travellers respond to emergencies in the best possible way. Harnessing the power of technology and travellers, RoadAid keeps commuters/authorities informed about highway accidents, obstructions such as vehicles stranded in middle of the highway drive lane or stray animals moving around the highway and breakdowns thus improving safety of motorists in real-time.

The Problem : Seconds Separate Life and Death

Every year hundreds of thousands of lives are lost and millions of people suffer permanent physical and serious emotional injuries due to accidents on Highways. Most of the damage is done in the first hour of the incident. When someone meets with an accident their survival chances decrease by the minute. Many lives can be saved if emergency rescue and medical help reaches them on time.

The two main issues plaguing this problem are information and location of the incident.

Emergency situations are stressful and scary for all involved, especially on our highways asone does not know whom to call or inform in case of an accident or emergency and often end up calling the Police.

Whenever a call is made to any emergency number the location information is taken from the caller. And, the caller who is already tensed often fails to give the correct location.

Being on the highway it becomes very difficult to inform the location of the incident as there are no landmarks. Most of the conversation is taken up try to guide them to the location leading to delay in rendering help.

But with the proper tools and preparedness, emergencies can be a lot easier to handle.

Emergency : It could happen to anyone

How many times have we not seen an accident on the highway and did not know whom to inform?

How many times have we not seen and heard that the cause of an accident was stray dogs, cattle, or a vehicle parked right in middle of the driving lane, but did not how to alert other drivers’enroute?


How many times have we not heard of vehicle breaking down in middle of nowhere and not knowing whom to contact?



Where there are highways, there are bound to be incidents. And if these incidents are not dealt with meticulously/properly, the results could be agonising.


We often come across one of these on our highways.



Taping the RoadAid app sends Minimum Required Data like Incident, Location, and the User’s details to the RoadAid Emergency Center.


This technology removes the need for useless discussions during accidents, but focuses on Rapid Relief and Rescue.


A very crucial element in relief and rescue operations is who should be informed. Highways come under various jurisdictions.


Knowing the exact location and informing to the correct authorities including Ambulance and Police is critical. RoadAid does just that.

Relief & Rescue

During unfortunate incident/s, location identification is very essential.


Telling a location on a highway is virtually impossible as they donot have landmarks along them.

RoadAid’s technology helps in identifying as well as effectively communicating location, helping Ambulance reach faster.


RoadAid is a free-to-download mobile application whose key function is provides fast rescue to victims of Highway Incidents. Just a few clicks will let us as well as your loved ones know that you need help and most importantly, where!

The purpose of the Roadaid app is to increase survival rates of the distressed

RoadAid is a product of Arha Technologies, a firm implementing innovative yet simple technology solutions that impact lives.

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In order to achieve our social mission, we are in the process of building strategic partnerships with government departments, companies, NGO's, and individuals to enable us to do far more than we alone could.

Now, Spurthi Rural Development Society allies with Arha Technologies as RoadAid's implementing partner helping saving the lives of those who travel on India’s highways.

SpurthiRural Development Society is a non-government voluntary organization registered under society's registration act whose mission is raising awareness of various critical social issues plaguing the society at large. For more than 15 years, Spurthi and its partners have improved the lives of thousands of people.

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